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Where to Buy

Utah's Own Products Found at Harmon's

Apple Beer
Bear River Valley Cereal
Big H Root Beer Extract
Blue Chip Pantry Products
Bowles Fry Sauce
Chaparro's Tamales
Clinton's Granola Cereal
Clinton's Jack Sprat Bread
Colby's Popcorn
Coeur D'alene Bread
Dk Truffles LLC
Don Julio Dips and Salsa
Don Julio Tortilla Chips
Don Julio Tortillas
Dutch Mill Imitation Vanilla
Dutch Mill Syrup
Farr's Ice Cream
Fat Boy Sandwiches
Gossner Cheese:  Slices, Loafs, Shreds
Gossner Milk
Grandma Della's Garden Relish
Granmas Country Cream Products
Granny's Bread
Granpa's Kitchen Spices
Harmons Bbq Sauce
Harmons Dairy Products
Harmons Ground Coffee
Harmon's Spices
Hi Grade Franks
Honeyville Farms Assrtd Mixes
Howie's Premium Rootbeer
Kathy Kaye Caramel Cob
Kodiak Flapjack Waffle Mix
La Croix Water
Laurie's Buffalo Chips
Laurie's Salsa
Lawford Syrup
Lehi Roller Mill Bread, Scone, & Cornbread Mix
Lehi Roller Mill Germade
Lehi Roller Mills Dessert Mixes
Lehi Roller Mills Hot Cereal
Lehi Roller Mills Pancake Mix
Lehman's Jam
Leparesian Dressing
Longboards Novelties
Maddox Turkey Steaks
Malt-O-Meal Cereal
Maxfields Fernwood Candy Co
Meadow Gold Dairy Products
Meadow Gold Ice Cream
Miller Honey
Miss Essies BBQ Sauce
Morrison Meat Pies
Mrs. Cubisons Croutons
Mrs. Fields Cookies
Mt. Olympus Water
Nature Jim's Wheat Grass and Alfalfa
Norbest Turkeys
Oakdell Eggs
Pace Fruit Bars
Paradise Punch Base
Pioneer Valley Jam and Jelly
Pioneer Valley Syrup
Prairie Grain Bread
Premium Creamies
Redmond Salt
Rico Brand Foods
Rocky Mountain Cocoa
Sashas Kettle Corn
Seal Sama Teriyaki Sauce
Some Dudes Fry Sauce
Stephens Cocoa Mixes
Stephen's Fry Sauce
Stones Meat Patties and Breaded Chicken Breast
Storey's Sweet Memories
Sunnybay Marinade
Sweets Candy
Terrels Butter
Terrels Rolls
Tom's Gourmet Ice Cream Topping
Treasure Foods Butter
Uinta Beer
Weeks Berries Of Paradise Frozen Jam
Wild Coyote Dressings
Winder Dairy Products
Xgave Sweetener
Z Pasta