Jams and Jelly Companies

    Amour Spreads
    661 South 800 East
    Salt Lake City, UT 84102
    Casee and John Francis
    888 554-6845
    casee@amourspreads.com, john@amourspreads.com

    Amour Spreads is a local, family owned and operated business producing artisan jams and marmalades. We offer a full line of gourmet flavors made with fresh seasonal fruit, sustainably grown on family farms. Each small batch is handmade, crafted from traditional wholesome ingredients without the addition of any artificial additives or preservatives.
    Butcher's Bunches
    83 North 400 West
    Logan, UT 84321
    Liz Butcher

    Award winning jams and preserves made with the freshest & finest produce that Utah has to offer. Committed to sustaining agriculture, Utah economy and healthy lifestyles. Butcher’s Bunches sources 98 percent of inventory within the state of Utah, from local farms & businesses; spending $61.06 on sugar to produce 14,945 jars of jam in 2010.
    Chad's Raspberry Kitchen
    151 E. Center
    Laketown, UT Utah
    Patrick Floyd
    435 946-3453

    Chad's Raspberry Kitchen is a company in Bear Lake that grows Bear Lake Raspberries, processes them, and produces raspberry products. We have operated for 12 years and have grown significantly. We are the only company to use raspberries from Bear Lake in our products.
    Jodies Jalapeno Jelly Company
    2783 E Willow Creek Dr
    Sandy, UT 84093
    Jodie Gordon
    801 943-8804

    Jalapeno jelly is a sweet spicy treat that can be added to any of your food dishes or snacks.
    Lehmans Homemade Jam
    Attn: Dave Prows 3328 South 650 West
    Bountiful, UT 84010
    Dave Prows
    801 433-0800

    Jams and Jellies
    Lemon Grove
    178 I Street #1
    Salt Lake City, UT 84103
    Heather Parke
    801 897-2128

    Red raspberry, strawberry and apricot jam with produce produced in Utah in season.
    Management Specialties, LLC
    2034 Laird Drive
    Salt Lake City, UT 84108
    Steven Hansen
    801 808-2137

    Jams and Jellies
    Milbury & Hodge
    PO Box 750331
    Torrey, UT 84775
    Janet Borg
    435 757-2642

    Milbury & Hodge are real people who love and produce ginger preserves.
    Mimi's Garden
    2898 W 9755 S
    South Jordan, UT 84095
    Diann Reese
    801 750-0200

    Cottage business located in the basement of our home. We currently have about 20 approved products including jellies, juams, and syrups. We have been selling at a farmers market, and just recently started being in retail stores.
    31 N 1330 W
    Orem, UT 84057
    Melanie Henage
    801 380-9499

    Naturel Freezer Jam is the delicious homemade taste you've been craving. Our unique, tasty recipe include three simple ingredients: strawberries, real fruit pectin, and a little sugar. It's so good, you will be tempted to eat it by the spoonful.
    Old Nauvoo Jam Co.
    1766 W. State
    Hurricane, UT 84737
    Russ Reed
    435 632-3372

    Pepperlane Products
    29730 Old Lincoln Highway
    Wanship, UT 84017
    Sandra Weese
    435 671-6701

    Homemade Jalapeño Preserves and gourmet gift baskets.
    Pioneer Valley
    103 North 1330 West
    Orem, UT 84057
    Wayne Parke
    801 376-1925

    Jams and Jellies Co-packer
    Sugared Inc
    843 E 300 S
    Salt Lake City, UT 84102
    Michelle Wolfe
    385 439-9080

    We are a Utah company who manufactures the best quality caramel candy, including a delicious sugar-free caramel. We also make delicious caramel sauce, low-sugar preserves, sugar skin scrubs and make beautiful gift baskets to order. We use as many local products as are produced in Utah and, those that are not grown/made in Utah, we purchase from local businesses to help support the local economy.
    Sweetly Divine
    1309 N Main St. Suite 90
    Logan, UT 84341

    Sweetly Divine is a pastry and sandwich shop, located in Cache Valley Utah. It is owned by Mark and Marilee Grodkowski. In 2006 they opened "Sweetly Divine". In order to widen the menu, Mark started to offer sandwiches and soup. Pretty soon their sandwiches were famous. What makes their sandwiches so great is the freshly made Focaccia bread and the jalapeno jellies. Most often when people think of jalapenos, they think of blazing hot peppers, but here we have transformed the spicy food into a finger licking sweet. We mix jalapenos, bell peppers, fruits, and other ingredients to create a sweet jelly.
    Tagges Famous Fruit
    2974 East Alvera Drive
    Salt Lake City, UT 84117
    Thayne Tagge
    801 272-0699

    Fruits and fresh produce in season, jams and salsas.