Hog Producers

    Christiansen Family Farm
    47 S. Main Street
    Vernon, UT 84080
    Christian Christiansen
    435 839-3482

    Christiansen’s Family Farm and are pleased offer humanely treated, pasture raised, all natural, Berkshire pork, Grass Fed Beef, and pastured poultry from our sustainable farm to your table. Hogs, chickens and beef cattle
    Mountain Fresh Farm
    435 S. 300 E.
    Mt. Plesant, UT 84647
    Sabrina & David West
    435 262-7481

    We are a small family owned farm raising Heritage Breed pork on pasture naturally. Tasty, delicious marbled pork. *No antibiotics, No hormones*
    Outfitters Resort - The Lodge
    6392 South Powell Spring Road
    Eureka, Utah , UT 84628
    Jennifer Hiskey
    435 260-6092

    Here at Outfitters Resort we raise pure breed Berkshire Pork. What is so unique about our operation is that we not only humanly raise this high quality pork for customers to enjoy, we also offer a place where customers can come and stay out our farm, and participate in all farm duties. Get a real feel for what is like to live on a farm and become fully aware of where they food is coming from and how it is raised. We offer a "Agri-Tourism" operation. All meals provided are locally grown from ranchers and farmers for our customers to enjoy while here on the farm. If they so wish they can also purchase our Berkshire pork for their enjoyment in their own homes. Our operation gives individuals the full effect of "Farm Raised".
    Paisley Farms
    1370 s 3350 e
    Heber City, UT 84032
    Tim Thayne
    801 420-3920

    Pure Bred, Pasture Fed, All-Natural Berkshire Pork and Angus Beef. All our animals are "fat and happy!"
    Utah Natural Meat
    7402 South 5490 West
    West Jordan, UT 84081
    Kristen Bowler
    801 896-3276

    Utah Natural Meat offers all-natural, grass fed and pasture raised meat. Our animals are free of antibiotics and added growth hormones. Visit us to purchase beef, pork, turkey and chicken. Bulk orders and separate cuts available.